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ENEX  is an internationally-oriented engineering and business consulting firm to the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries.  

We Help our Clients    Improve Competitive Position......Capitalize on Opportunities......Improve Productivity......Expand Operations......Expand Markets......Assess or Market Technologies......Complete Acquisitions......Divest Assets......Recover From Catastrophic Events......Complete Conceptual Engineering......++++++

 Overview of the Organization

 Enex International Inc.,  founded in 1978,  is an  internationally-oriented engineering and business consulting firm to the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries.     

 Enex  is  organized  to further  the life goals of key, self-motivated engineers,  technicians,  managers  and business  professionals who desire to continue participation with the industry following lengthy or full normal career experiences.   

 Enex  provides client companies with the immediate benefit of years of accumulated functional knowledge, skills and experiences.    Consultants and engineers typically have twenty - thirty, or more years of 'hands-on' plant operating, engineering or business management experience.

 Enex is an individual client  oriented company with a demonstrated strong and unique capability for rapid assessments, accurate representations, and a thorough understanding of industry financial, cost, operating and marketing structures. 

 Enex  provides  fundamental industry data,  conclusions to specific questions, and  expert assistance to our clients in concluding specific business, commercial and confidential programs.  Our conceptual engineering and project management services have allowed optimum plant expansion and new plant implementation. Our market, technology, economic and business assessments are used by senior management in client companies worldwide to make critical decisions and to develop strategic operating and investment plans.

Enex consultants also periodically publish reports for on-line sales.  These reports are on a variety of subjects for the chemical, petrochemical and energy industries.  They include technology and technical Reports ..... Plant Capital and Operating Costs ..... Economic reports and analyses ..... Economic models (Excel or other format) ..... Competitive assessments ..... Product Overviews ..... Market Overviews ..... Production Summaries ..... Price Summaries ..... Other ++       Go To Enex Reports

  Full Work Experience with following Chemicals and Energy Products:

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